Cause Marketing

Corporate social responsibility has evolved beyond simply wirting a check to a charitable foundation and then publicizing the gift.

As major corporations around the world are increasingly reporting that corporate social responsibility is essential to their business, many are looking to cause-related marketing programs as a way to enhance their brand and attract new customers. Leading businesses are recognizing that linking a cause related initiative directly to a brand can be a win-win for both the corporations and the non-profit organizations that are partnering.

There are a range of benefits that flow to companies that embed a cause within their brand. Increased sales and the opportunity to attract new customers top the list, but company reputation and employee loyalty are benefits not to be overlooked in the competitive marketplace. In fact, cause-related programs can become a core component of a company's corporate identity and overall strategy. Companies that reach deep into their history, values, and culture can develop comprehensive programs that create long-term brand value and drive profitable futures. REV Your Cause strives to help companies reach this authentic integration.

Commissioned Study

It's a fact - Cause Marketing Efforts Drive Customer Loyalty. A majority of customers will pay more for a service if they know it is benefiting a charitable cause!

REV Your Cause commissioned a survey in early 2012. The survey was deployed to over 100,000 consumers accross the US. The statistically significant results were rather surprising (in a good way!). More than 80% of respondents indicated they'd be more likely to use a service provider that supported a charitable cause than one that didn't. 64.6% of respondents indicated they'd pay MORE for a product or service that they knew was benefiting a charitable cause in some form or manner.

What this study proved to us is that there is value in cause marketing in driving both loyalty AND new trial. Not only that, but in most cases, customers are willing to pay MORE for a product or service that has some sort of contribution going to a charitable cause. At REV Your Cause, we give our company partners the best of both worlds. We provide a high quality, performance based product AND a tie-in to a well known charitable cause!


According to a Cause Evolution Study conducted by Cone in 2010, more than 278 million people in the US want to know what a company is doing to benefit a cause!

According to the study, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product when the company supports a cause they care about.

The opportunities for innovation in cause-related brand marketing are immense and the benefits of aligning business strategies with positive social outlets are enormous.


Other surprising results from our independent study are below:

*81.8% of respondents are more likely to choose a service provider or product that supports a charity over one that doesnt.

*64.6% of respondents would pay more for a product or service if they knew a portion went to a charity.

*84.6% would choose to add on a product they'd benefit from if it was for a charitable cause.